Dr Natalie Rens


Natalie studied a PhD in Neuroscience and was working on artificial intelligence strategy when she saw Starman launched into space on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy. The first realization was that Mars was not out of reach for our generation. The second was that major advancements would be needed for us humans to survive it. And, thus, Astreia was born.


About Astreia

Astreia - Ἀστραῖα, ‘star-maiden’ - is a goddess of the stars.

According to Greek mythology, Astreia was the last immortal to have lived amongst us on Earth, during the Golden Age of Man. As the daughter of Zeus, she acted to bring justice and wellbeing to those around her. In her anguish over the corrupt acts of humankind, she left Earth to watch over us from the stars. In the night sky, you can see her as the constellation Virgo.

It is said that the day Astreia sees justice and innocence in men’s hearts, she will return to Earth, bringing with her a new Golden Age.  

At Astreia, we develop our technology with the values of Astreia’s spirit and guardianship. At the forefront of our minds is always the astronauts, who will risk their lives for our future in the stars. For these astronauts, we strive to bring a revolution through the technology we build.