Dr Natalie Rens


Natalie has a PhD in Neuroscience and was working on artificial intelligence strategy when SpaceX launched Starman into space. The first realization was that our generation could make life on Mars a reality. The second was that major advancements would be needed for us humans to survive. In the absence of real-time support from Earth, the biggest challenge would be to ensure that absolutely nothing fails. And, thus, Astreia was born.


About Astreia

Astreia - Ἀστραῖα, ‘star-maiden’ - is a goddess of the stars.

According to Greek mythology, Astreia was the last immortal to have lived amongst us on Earth, during the Golden Age of Man. As the daughter of Zeus, she acted to protect and bring justice to all those around her. She now watches over us from the stars, where you can see her in the night sky as the constellation Virgo. It is said that one day Astreia will return to Earth, bringing with her a new Golden Age of technology.  

We develop our technology with the core value of Astreia’s guardianship. At the forefront of our minds is the human lives we work to protect against the harsh realities of the environment. We strive to bring Astreia’s revolution for all those living on Earth, as well as one day in space.