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We develop artificial intelligence technologies to support human life in extreme environments, with the ultimate goal of enabling sustainable human life in space.


Astreia operates our core space mission, integrating the knowledge we learn from our Astreia on Earth applications to develop the platform and algorithms we will need to support astronauts on Mars and beyond.


“We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all people.”

President John F Kennedy


Astreia on Earth

Our Astreia on Earth portfolio focuses on building intelligent solutions for human environments on Earth. We use AI to monitor, maintain, and adapt the physical and digital systems that support human life. Each project operates to solve one key aspect relevant to life on Mars, from meeting the needs for human survival to creating environments that learnt to adapt to human behaviour.

Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan

Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan


On Mars, astronauts will face the harshest conditions as they build a new home in a land where almost everything poses a risk. Resources will be limited and precious; usage will need to be optimised to ensure that basic needs never fail to be met.

But this challenge isn’t unique to Mars. Just like our future settlements, we have refugee settlements on Earth, where delivering resources to match human need poses a significant challenge.


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About Astreia

Astreia - Ἀστραῖα, ‘star-maiden’ - is a goddess of the stars.

According to Greek mythology, Astreia was the last immortal to have lived amongst us on Earth, during the Golden Age of Man. The daughter of Zeus, she acted to bring justice and wellbeing to those around her. In her anguish over the corrupt acts of humankind, she left Earth to watch over us from the stars. In the night sky, you can see her as the constellation Virgo. It is said that the day Astreia sees justice and innocence in men’s hearts, she will return to Earth, bringing with her a new Golden Age.  

At Astreia, Astreia’s spirit and guardianship underlies our values for the technology we develop. At the forefront of our minds is always the astronauts, who will risk their lives in the quest of preparing humankind for a future in the stars. For these astronauts, we strive to bring a revolution through the technology we build.